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Our Vote Counts is half-hour documentary about key disability issues that need exposure before the 2020 election.


Created by a team of self-advocates with IDD, the film explains the needs and concerns of people with physical and intellectual disabilities and suggests important questions that viewers can ask candidates running for election.

The documentary film runs 27 minutes.

The trailer runs 30 seconds. 


our latest production

 Our Vote Counts broadcast premiere is on

Sunday, October 4th at 4:00 PM

on Colorado PBS, Channel 12. 


Share the Message


Our Vote Counts Public Service Announcements (PSA's) explain the key Disability and Voting Issues for the 2020 election in 30 - 90 second videos.

Share them with your friends to raise awareness of important issues and to find political candidates who will make our lives better.


Our Vote Counts Documentary

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Our Vote Counts Documentary
Our Vote Counts - 30 Second Trailer

Our Vote Counts - 30 Second Trailer

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Our Vote Counts Documentary

Our Vote Counts Documentary

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