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In 2019 The Arc of Colorado

challenged us to make a film about self-advocacy. Making it required original research, filming self advocates and editing to broadcast standards.  It was our first feature length film that was broadcast on PBS. 

In 2020 we thought it was important to make a film about the disability issues that were being ignored by the candidates who were running for election.  The pandemic interrupted our production schedule, so we learned how to animate to finish it one time. It will air on Colorado PBS in October.

In our next film, we will explore the reasons why people with IDD are chronically unemployed.   We will  showcase people with IDD that are pursuing their chosen careers and organizations that are successfully employing self-advocates, We will also explore the benefits of entrepreneurship for people with disabilities.

who we are and what we do


We make documentary videos, explainer videos and Public Service Announcements (PSA's) that educate, motivate and inspire viewer to take action. 


Our post production studio and services ensure that your final video accomplishes your vision.  Our expertise in video editing and color corrections ensures that every shot looks great. 


We have a lot of talent.  Let us help you realize your vision with our experienced writers, instructional designers, illustrators, photographers and videographers. 


Our life experience of living with an intellectual disability has given us unique perspectives about disability issues.  We are self advocates who are speaking up for ourselves. 

As an experienced video technician and filmmaker, I am able to deliver fast, consistent and beautiful results. 


As a self-advocate with autism, I am an expert on disability advocacy issues and am passionately interested in helping people whose voice needs to be heard.

why me?

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