Words Count

People First Language Explained


Labels have a huge impact on the disabled community because most people do not look beyond the medical diagnosis that defines them, such as blind, deaf or autistic.


People First Language changes that behavior by putting the individual first and describing people in terms of their needs, not problems. This series of short PSA's explain this idea in simple terms with positive examples in order to build awareness and change behavior.

  • Words Count: People First Language Explained is a short documentary exploring the role of labelling in limiting the potential of people with disabilities.  

  • People First Language is a 60 Second PSA that introduces People First Language and explains how it can help change society's perceptions of the people with disabilities. 

  • Words are Powerful is a 30 Second PSA exploring how words can shape our reality and sense of self-esteem, especially for people who are disabled.

  • Describe Yourself is a 15 Second PSA, that shows how people with disabilities describe themselves vs. society's tendency to assign medical diagnosis as labels shapes our perception of people.