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private branding 

& customization

Documentary filmmaking is expensive. (It costs about $1000 per finished minute.)


Most causes don’t have the budgets they need to commission original films. So we make PSA's and films about topics we think are important, like how to become a self-advocate or disability issues in the 2020 election.


Then we offer organizations the opportunity to brand the PSA's with their own logo and use them to amplify their message through their websites, emails, and social media networks.


Fill out this form and we will email you the details. 

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Thanks! We will send you an email with the details about Private Branding & Customization.
private branding

color grading

In today’s fast paced production environment, there is no way to guarantee consistent footage.


Through color correction and grading, we make each shot perfect. We know all the tricks of the trade to make your story memorable.

color grading

video editing

Video production is complex.


Sometimes you have the perfect shot, but many times you don't.


Good editing ensures that every shot looks good and your message is delivered.

Color Correction.png
video editing
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