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It's How You Play The Game

It's How You Play The Game

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It's How You Play the Game

A Celebration of Unified Sports


After freezing during basketball tryouts a high school student with autism sets up a Unified Sports program. Before their first game he needs to overcome his anxiety and lead his team onto the court.  Although he is clearly the best player, he demonstrates that the joy of playing the game is more important than winning.


Set to original rap music, this film reminds us that high school sports should not be about winning, but how you play the game..

The film runs 3 minutes.

The First Step is the Hardest

The transition experience for a college student with autism


This film documents the challenges of a college student with autism during his transition between high school and college.


 One 1% of autistic youth who turn 18 attend a four year college.  This short film explains some of the reasons why.

The film runs 5 minutes.