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I'm a citizen. My vote (should) count.

Everyone has the right to vote… except for people who are considered mentally incompetent, like people with Autism or Down Syndrome. In fact if you have a guardian, someone who helps you make financial or health decisions, you are not allowed to vote in 21 states, can only vote if you petition the courts in 17 states. Leaving only 10 states where your most fundamental right as a citizen is allowed. This 90 second PSA explains the problem and poses questions to ask political candidates to solve this problem.

So ask your candidates:

  • Do you think that right to vote should be denied to a citizen just because someone helps them make financial or healthcare decisions?

  • Would you support a Federal Law that allows the right to vote to people with IDD in all states?

  • What will you do to eliminate barriers to voting?

Disability rights are human rights. Our Vote Counts

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